Art Classes

Art classes are available to members in a variety of formats. For all our classes see Upcoming Events. Our classes give members the opportunity to explore their art with other members, with the guidance of a tutor. Trying out mediums and techniques which you may not have experienced previously, is a great way to add to your own repertoire and give a freshness and vitality to your art.

Opportunities for workshops are always being explored and we welcome your suggestions.

The current classes which have access to a tutor include:

Sketchability a class to explore your creativity with all aspects of ‘Mark Making’. Participants are guided in the use of a variety of mediums and techniques. This class is held on Tuesday afternoons.

Life Drawing classes also offer the guidance of a tutor, in both morning and evening sessions, each held once a month.

Plein Air is a group convened by a tutor with freedom to paint independently or with guidance in a variety of locations. It is held on the first Sunday of the month.

Paint ‘n Palette, our monthly newsletter, lists those members who offer private and group lessons in their studios. A list of these tutors can be found in Our Tutors.

See the Activities flyer for further explanation of the Society’s activities.