About the Society

The Committee 2019

The St George Art Society Committee is dedicated to developing and maintaining interesting and creative art experiences for the Society’s members.

Executive Committee
President Jean Harrow
Vice-President Don Kibble
Secretary Col Parker
Treasurer Jim West
Committee Jani Nanavati, Denise Kassis, Delia Kavanagh, Peter Michalandos
Public Officer Emil Dan
Sub Committees
Editor Paint 'n Palette Joan Craven
Webmaster Dave Chapman
Forms and Website Preparation Joan Craven
Facebook Administrator Marion Chapman
History Research Susan Howe

In the beginning

The St George Art Society was inaugurated in 1944 ‘for the encouragement of art in the St George district’, to develop the practice of art and art appreciation.

The founder and first President was Alf Chambers. The first vice-Presidents were the Rt. Hon. H.V. Evatt; W. Currey VC, MLA;  J.F. McGrath MLA and A.J. Williams MLA. At that time, the Society’s formation members knew of no other similar body in the State of New South Wales.

In the early years, membership was restricted and selective. Prospective male -only members were required to submit at least two paintings to be judged by a membership selection committee. Nowadays, membership of the Society is open to all artists and to anyone interested in art. The Society is now more inclusive and innovative in its approach to membership as well as the practice of art. One of the founding lady members was Nancy Wilkinson, after whom our contemporary award is named. Nancy lives on the south coast of New South Wales and still keeps in touch. Our longest serving member today is Myrle King, who achieved her 90th  birthday in 2014 and continues to maintain her interest.

Our Meeting Places

The first meeting place in 1944 was 307, Forest Road, Hurstville. This rent was free due to the generosity of our Patron, The Hon. Clive Evatt. Fees were 10 shillings and sixpence.

In August 1945 the Society took over the rental of Diment’s Building in Hurstville, due to increased membership. In 1947 the society moved once again to larger premises in the Child Care Premises Hurstville. There have been  a succession of moves, from  the Children’s Library, Cross Street, Hurstville (now Westfields); then to Wal Chandler’s Barber Shop in Hudson Street, Hurstville; the Kogarah School of Arts; the Scout Hall, South Hurstville, the Civic Centre Kogarah; the South Hurstville Bowling Club and finally, for a second time, to our current location at the Kogarah School of Arts.


Our Presidents

2014 - Current  Jean Harrow
2011-2013 George Comino
2001-2010 Don Kibble
1999 - 2000 Leeka Gruzdeff
1995 - 1998 Charles Kooyman
1980 - 1995 John Hingerty
1978 - 1979 Ronald Walker
1976 - 1977 Joe Green
1975 Mary Kirkby
1973 - 1974 Bruce Hodge
1970 - 1972 Vern Newman
1967 - 1969 Not documented
1951 - 1966 Walter Bennet
1944 - 1950 Alf Chambers